Corn creole tortillas and mexican food in Europe

10 years of experience baking authentic corn tortillas in Europe

 Experts in corn tortillas all around europe

At Moctezuma Foods, we offer a wide range of food products to our customers from all over the world. From a variety of nixtamalized tortillas, white tortillas and blue tortillas to Mexican antojitos in many shapes and flavours and Mexican top products.

We distribute our products to 130 European cities

We put our customers first by delivering high service levels, efficiency, and freshness in our products

10 years of experience, producing and delivering top notch products

Quality and service distinguish us in Mexican food made by Mexican experts for every taste

Some of our awards

"I left Mexico 14 years ago and as an extreme critic of Mexican food I have to say Moctezuma are the best tortillas I ever tried outside my country, when my mom came to visit and she tried them, she said “this can’t be made here, they are too good “ as we say in Mexico: el Indio quiere maíz :)"
mimi de la cruz

Real mexican corn

Perfect for weekly cooking
and snaking!