Tortilla Tlayuda 10pcs


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This 24 cm tortilla known as Tlayuda is the best choice for big quesadillas and exotic 100% mexican dishes like the also named Tlayuda and “machetes” which are delicious giant quesadillas.

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Additional Information

Size: 24cm

Tortillas per pack: 10 BIO, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, GMO FREE

Ingredients: Corn flour, water, salt.

Due to the corn flour nixtamalization process, the product may contain tracks of calcium hydroxide

Keep dry and refrigerated at max. +6°C or deep freeze at -18°C. Do not refreeze after thawing.

Remove case from storage. Carefully remove packs from case. While still in their bag, gently twist the stack of tortillas to loosen and separate the tortillas. Heat before consumption and fill to taste. Consume within 3 days of opening.


deep-frozen at max. -18°C: 365 days

refrigerated at max. +6°C: 90 days